Internal Audit and Reviews

Internal auditing is an objective and independent advice exercise designed to add value to and also improve an organisation’s operations, internal controls and modus operandi.

From basic introduction of internal controls to internal auditing, audit committee services and risk management, we place ourselves amongst the leaders in this field. We have been entrusted with providing these services to listed companies and also public authorities. Control system reviews and budgetary control are also within our regular services provided to organisations in various sectors of the industry.

In today’s world where companies are facing constant pressures, it is imperative for businesses to have a robust and effective internal audit function which provides stakeholders with the assurance that operations are running efficiently and smoothly. As advisors in this area, we shall be able to assist in the successful implementation of the internal audit function which is tailored for the specific requirements of your business operations. 

Other specialist advice can also be provided on Risk Management, System Analysis and Internal Controls, Compliance and Regulatory Advice and Governance matters.