Payroll Services

Companies and self-employed persons with employees are required to keep full records for each employee that is employed together with the preparation of monthly payslips and related FSS statutory requirements.

Our team can assist clients with the preparation of such monthly employee payslips using specialised automated programs. We can further assist in the calculation of salaries, bonuses and allowances together with any other deductions relating to income tax and social security contributions from the date of engagement to the date of termination. 

Furthermore, we can also advise on specific regulations relating to probation and notice periods, vacation and sick leave entitlements, amongst others.

Our services also incude :

  • Registering for the PE number (employment number) in Malta

  • Registering employees with the Inland Revenue Department with the submission of FS4

  • Registering employees with Jobsplus by submissions of engagement forms

  • Running a monthly/fortnightly payroll including payslips
  • Preparing and processing statutory payments (FS5) on a monthly basis with the Inland Revenue

  • Processing and submission of yearly Final Settlement System Forms (FS7 & FS3)

  • Preparing termination forms